Smart Contract

At AAO we Believe in:

1. Smart Contract

What is a Smart Contract? A Smart contract is where the company promises to never give away positions, offer money deals, or to place members into different spots in the tree. The compensation plan will never change and the payout will always be correct and on-time.

2. Simplicity - Key to Duplication

As part of the Smart Contract with our Brand Partners, we will only carry one product, one SKU at all times.

3. Product Integrity

Our only product, Activ Greens, is a science-based cardio-health drink that tastes absolutely divine and is loaded with bioavailable nutrients that the body needs for optimum health and performance. This one product alone can replace multiple dietary supplements and is your backbone to not only helping support your daily nutritional needs, but helping you to sustain a longer, healthier, and vibrant life.

4. Digital Space & Cryto Universe

AAO recognizes the shift in the financial institutions of the world. AAO founders have been using and making money in the digital space for years. They want to bring what they have learned to give you the best experience in global payment and payout options.

Blockchain NFT’s will be rewarded throughout the company for specific benchmarks and challenges.